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Imagine finding a consultant ready to help build your resources by using skills from marketing, development, communications, the graphic arts, advocacy, business, and human services. Imagine a consultant with the skills and tools to position you to attract business support and guide development of joint ventures and events. Now connect with iRainmakers. That’s what we do.


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We Deliver

Marketing & Promotion

We analyze your nonprofit through business eyes. We take in your overall image and see how it stacks up in the competitive marketplace. We distill core strengths or assets, achievements, and needs that have investment potential. Then we create materials:
  • Image Building — We can design a higher profile for your nonprofit. Choose anything from a distinctive new logo and tagline to a complete identity package. You can get the brand-building benefits of a consistent, integrated “look” and “voice” across all your communications materials.
  • E-Brochure — Our signature e-Brochure is the essential electronic marketing tool. It tells your story and makes your case with compelling graphics and messaging. With the versatile e-Brochure you’re always ready for opportunity with your key marketing material as close as your notebook, smart phone, or whatever you carry for connectivity.
  • Investment Prospectus — Building off the e-Brochure, an Investment Prospectus is a concise business proposal. It’s a tool that let’s your corporate prospects see at a glance what you need and why, suggested support levels, and the business benefits you can provide.

We Connect

Making the Corporate Connection

iRainmakers works in tandem with clients to prospect for corporate partners . We focus on finding the right “fit” between a nonprofit’s mission and priorities and a company’s markets, brands, products, and plans. We coach clients and initiate openings. We structure sponsorship levels and craft benefit packages. We customize approaches and strategies to build relationships that can bring in resources from grants, to sponsorships, to cause marketing ventures, to sustaining support. With your e-Brochure, Investment Prospectus, and iRainmakers’ corporate research, connections, and coaching, you’re ready to approach your business prospects.

Ventures & Events
Cause marketing? Point-of-purchase promotion? Benefit sports event? Co-branding venture? Conference sponsorship? iRainmakers knows how.

We know that successful joint enterprises between nonprofits and businesses must benefit both partners in the deal. And we make sure that happens. We’re out to build brands and bottom lines across the board. We can:
  • Create venture possibilities
  • Guide agreements
  • Brand an event or product — complete with title, tagline, graphics, and collateral
  • Trouble-shoot implementation
  • See it all through to success

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