Our Driving Dynamics

iRainmakers is the consulting firm that connects nonprofits to business. We work at the intersection of development, marketing, communications, and public education. Founded in 2000 as a cause marketing company, we continually evolve and grow as we discover — and invent — better ways to connect with the business community and build the nonprofit case for business investment.


Elizabeth Loden

Founder and President

Starting out as a freshly-minted M.S.W., I was intent on helping people — preferably a lot of people. I learned a lot and took great satisfaction in the work both in government and in nonprofits. But I grew to know something was missing: That “something” was resources. Most nonprofits know this story because they live it every day as they stretch to sustain services and meet needs.

I turned a corner when — having absolutely no experience in development — I was hired as Director of Foundation Development for a major national nonprofit. Now I had the chance to direct my energies into filling the resource gap. With no act to follow, I learned by doing, creating my own strategies, approaches, formats, and networks. Then, somewhere in the middle of it all, cause marketing emerged, and I was hooked. For me, working with the business sector created a whole new dimension to nonprofit development.

By August 2000, I was convinced that cross-sector collaboration not only works for nonprofits, but that it helps businesses and communities, too. I had the concept, I had the experience, and I made the leap. iRainmakers, Ltd., is the result. Now we fill another gap — helping nonprofits and businesses see each other in a different light and work together for mutual benefit. What’s next? We’ll keep learning and growing and helping people — preferably a lot of people — make the most of their enterprises.

Barbara M. Jones

Creative Consultant and Senior Editor

Barbara M. Jones has been with iRainmakers since the word go. She’s fluent at writing and editing in many print and electronic formats, and her portfolio includes everything from websites, e-Brochures, and marketing packages to proposals, academic papers, articles, and speeches. She sparks fresh thinking that gets to the essence of an organization’s assets and needs, coins brand names and taglines for products, ventures, and events, and frames compelling cases to fuel resource development. She comes to creative work with a research-based, analytic approach that adds depth to every product.

Luke Johnson

Visual Communications Consultant

Luke Johnson has invested his graphics design wizardry in iRainmakers for more than eight years. Proficient in both print and electronic media, he specializes in the concept and creative development of organizational identity systems, including logos, promotional materials, publications, and branding. iRainmakers’ signature e-Brochures take off with his powerful visual communications. His work has spurred development for such varied nonprofits as Project Fit America, CFED, MATHCOUNTS, and Justice at Stake. His corporate work is equally varied, lifting brands and events for such companies as Thanksgiving Coffee, James Monroe Bank, and Sports America.

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