When iRainmakers connects nonprofits and businesses, everybody benefits. Nonprofits increase resources. Businesses build brands and bottom lines. And communities get programs and services to help them prosper. I know because I founded this company in 2000, and I still work with every client from start to finish of every venture. Together, we make it happen.
Liz Loden, President
Our Services—
Your Solutions
iRainmakers takes nonprofit development beyond philanthropy — into the marketplace. We use a business perspective to create custom service packages and marketing materials that present each nonprofit’s unique strengths, needs, and value for corporate support. We show companies the business basis for investing in a particular nonprofit or cause. We create concept and branding for ventures and events that connect client and corporation for mutual profit.
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Our Clients—
Your Connections
NONPROFITS — When iRainmakers connects the right nonprofit with the right business, the fit makes sense and adds value for both.
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CORPORATE — We work with far-sighted companies that value their CSR and the work of the nonprofit sector. At iRainmakers, businesses get investment opportunities that just don’t exist anywhere else.
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Investment Opportunities
Back a winner! Right now important ventures are in the works for several nonprofits.

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